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Capitol Hill Travel

A son of a retired pastor, my passion for community and traveling began at an early age. My father’s pastoral assignments sent our family to many states. Being young, traveling from state to state the drives seemed so long but the excitement of seeing a new city was worth it. Thus, traveling sparked my interest and I started more within the United States. states and cities’ architectural landscapes. It is because my church travels. In 2001, I was invited on my first international trip to the Netherlands and from there I continued my journey of traveling. In 2018, I formed Capitol Hill Travel and Capitol Hill Travelers to share and invite ALL to travel along with me to experience the way Chris travel. It is AWESOME, if I say so myself. It brings me joy to see the excitement on the faces of  travelers and it reminds me of my earlier years.

Yas Marina
Sky Diner
Blue Lagoon

Present Days

 I encourage everyone, if you have never travelled  and don’t want to do it alone, come travel with Capitol Hill. It will be one of the most, if not the most memorable experiences of your life. Travel with us!