Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari

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Whether you’re looking to raise your adrenaline levels with a desert safari or enjoy a luxury overnight stay, you’ll find plenty to do in our ‘desert city’.

There are few experiences that are as ‘Dubai’ as the desert safari. Take a backseat (unless you prefer to sit at the front of your four-wheeled drive) and hold on tight as an experienced driver manoeuvres over sand dunes at high speeds. Feel a rush while teetering on the edge of seemingly sheer drops, before dipping down sandy slopes and back up again for more. If you book with tour company Arabian Adventures, there’ll be a couple of stops for sunset photos before you’re safely whisked away to a traditional-style Bedouin camp, where a feast under the stars awaits.



Big Red allows you to; indulge in a royal experience, say overnight in the desert or go up, up and away with hot ballooning. Dubai’s most famous sand dune, Big Red, where you can hop on a quadbike and navigate the sandy landscape yourself. Quadbikes are speedy and a breeze to handle, but all riders wear a helmet to stay safe. Follow the natural trail of the dunes, kicking sand in the face of your fellow riders as you hurtle and bounce over Dubai’s most iconic patch of sand. Big Red, or Al Hamar as it’s locally known, is easy to spot along the Dubai-Hatta (E44) highway.

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